What is a credit union?

If you're not familiar with Credit Unions, very simply, they are regulated financial co-operatives which, unlike high street commercial banks, are owned and controlled by their members for their mutual and ongoing benefit. There are currently 57,000 credit unions worldwide, operating in 103 countries, which service the financial needs of some 208 million members.

Who are esccu?

esccu stands for e-services and communications credit union, our city centre Head Office is conveniently located at 55 Dawson Street, Dublin 2.

Originally established in 1961 as the Civil Service Credit Union and later as the Telecom Eireann employees credit union, in 2015, following a period of expansion, the Central Bank extended esccu’s membership remit to include ICT Sector Employees.

Today, as Ireland’s ICT Credit Union, esccu provides a variety of competitive Loan Facilities and Financial Account Services to employees in the; Computer, Software, Telecom, IT, On-Line and Social Media sectors including global brands like; Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Vodafone, Ericsson, Symantec and PayPal.

With an increasing membership of over 14,500 nationwide and assets of in excess of €195 million (Y/e 30/9/15), esccu has provided expert financial services to the communications industry for over 55 years.

Our Common Bond

The Common Bond is a term referenced by the Central Bank, which in simple language is an explanation of who and under what circumstances a person is eligible to become a member of esccu.

Who can Join?

Persons who are currently in receipt of a continuing and regular contractual payment arising from their employment in the companies providing telecommunications services as outlined in the credit union rules registered on the 14/01/2014 Any employees in a company in the technology sector, where the company signs an agreement with e-services & communications credit union limited, permitting the credit union to provide services to its employees. All those who were Members on 08/12/2015

The role of esccu is for its members

The primary function of the credit union is to provide financial services to members at reasonable rates of interest for savers and borrowers. The most important feature of esccu is that it is owned and run for the benefit of the members. As a not for profit organisation, all surplus earned from activities of the credit union are returned to the members by way of dividend payment once a year.

esccu is managed by a Board of Directors, appointed at the AGM, who oversee all the operations of the credit union. The day-to-day management is conducted by a team of efficient, dedicated, full-time workers, who are happy to help with any queries or advice relating to our loans or financial services.

Find out how to join

Get in contact

Text ’Call Back’ to 085 800 7040 or email membership@esccu.ie.