esccu is non-profit organisation, we are run by a Board of Directors who volunteer to be on this board and do not get paid for their great work. We also have various operational committees made up of board and staff members.

Board Of Directors

Gerry Ryan (Chairperson)
Mairead Cullen (Vice Chairperson)
William Buckley (Secretary)
Brenda Dooley (Director)
Bill Cronin (Director)
Brian Baldrey (Director)
John Hall (Director)
Enda McNichols (Director)
Pat O'Sullivan (Director)
Paul Grimes (Director)
Una Stafford (Director)

Board Oversight Committee

Paul O'Brien (Chairperson)
Harry McKeown (Secretary)
Ross Griffith (Committee Member)

Board Committee Members

Nomination Committee

Una Stafford (Chairperson)
Grainne O'Boyle (Secretary)
Brian Baldrey (Committee Member)

Remuneration Committee 

Brian Baldrey (Chairperson)
Brenda Dooley (Secretary)
Grainne O'Boyle (Committee Member)

Audit Committee

Mairead Cullen (Chairperson)
Gerry Ryan (Secretary)
John Hall (Committee Member)

Risk Committee

Pat O'Sullivan (Chairperson)
Bill Cronin (Secretary)
Mairead Cullen (Committee Member)
Risk Management Officer (Support Staff/Officers)

Complaints Committee

Paul Grimes (Chairperson)
John Hall (Secretary)
Brenda Dooley (Committee Member)
Complaints Officer (Support Staff/Officers)

Investment Committee

Willie Buckley (Chairperson)
Paul Grimes (Secretary)
Gerry Ryan (Committee Member)
CFO (Support Staff/Officers)

Strategy Committee

Gerry Ryan (Chairperson)
Grainne O'Boyle (Secretary)
Bill Cronin/Pat O'Sullivan (Committee Member)
CEO & CFO (Support Staff/Officers)

Staff Members of esccu

Chief Executive Officer: Brendan Synnott
Chief Financial Officer: Richard Mc Murtry
Risk Management Officer: Michael Cunningham
Operations Manager: Jacqui Griffin (Interim)
Compliance Officer: Jacqui Griffin
IT & Change Manager: John Harrington
Credit Officer: Criostoir Mac Bradaigh
Accounts Controller:  Ethna Fitzpatrick 
Credit Control Officer: Avril Gorman
Business Development & Marketing Executive: Ashleigh Watt
Marketing & Digital Acquisition Manager: Kevin Rooney

The Extended Team

Catherine Harrison
Niamh Howe
Emma Lawlor
Helen Tully
Lynda Barsoum
Emma Whelan
Leanne O Connor
Hristiyana Drashkova