No matter what your stage of life, this eventuality requires suitable preparation to lessen family concerns about funeral costs. We urge you to OPT-IN, as this Supplementary €3,000 Benefit, combined with our existing Death Benefit, will provide a minimum of €4,500 for your loved ones when you're gone.

Our Death Benefit Programme will now be incorporated into our Life Savings Programme, ensuring that every member's dependents are guaranteed to get a benefit of €1,500, once the member's account balance has a minimum of €250 at the time of their death.

Our Life Savings Benefit payable has an upper limit of €8,000. Life Savings Benefits will now be calculated based on the value of shares over €1,500 in a member's account at the time at death, rather than on the current basis of the members' age and when their shares were lodged. This makes it easier to understand, as lodgement history will no longer affect the value of your Savings Benefits. Our Loan Protection Benefit remains unchanged, providing full cover on loans up to €40,000, for members aged 18-69 and up to €30,000 for those aged 70-79. 

New Supplementary €3,000 Death Benefit, (OPT-IN programme for Members)* 

The New Supplementary Death Benefit (NSDB) will come into effect from 1st January 2019. This provides a guaranteed supplementary benefit of €3,000, which is separate from and in addition to, your Life Savings Benefit. All members wishing to avail of this extra €3,000 need to OPT-IN before 1st January 2019. All New Members may sign-up quarterly on 1st of January, April, July or October, 2019 
As the New Supplementary Death Benefit (NSDB) is a Community Program, esccu is required to levy a weekly €1 fee (€52 annually) from each participating member. This is to ensure it is the same cost for every member and everyone receives the same equal level of benefit. It is open to all members who joined the programme before their 71st birthday. This cover is annual, (Jan-Dec) and not automatic, so you must OPT-IN to join and so give permission for us to deduct the policy premium from your Share Account.

For more information Key-Facts.pdf to download the key facts & FAQs.

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