Who can Join?

Persons who are currently in receipt of a continuing and regular contractual payment arising from their employment in the companies providing telecommunications services as outlined in the credit union rules registered on the 14/01/2014 Any employees in a company in the technology sector, where the company signs an agreement with e-services & communications credit union limited, permitting the credit union to provide services to its employees. All those who were Members on 08/12/2015

Can my company affiliate with esccu?

If your company is within the ICT sector which is Information, Communications or Technology, then we can be your staff credit union. Contact us and we can confirm if your company falls within our common bond or click here for information on our HR Hub.

How soon can I borrow?

As soon as you activate your account with a minimum of €10 and if you are over the age of 18 you are more than welcome to apply for a loan. Lending terms & conditions will apply.

Request us to call you?

If you would like us to contact you please request a call back by clicking here or text "callback" to 085 800 7040.